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F Connectors

This type is used in such applications as home television receivers for cable television (CATV) systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Return Loss: 20 dB @ 2 GHz
  • Can be used for satellite broadcasts. (BS/CS)
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Crimp PlugsCrimp

Model Suitable Cable Center Pin Sleeve Boot Die Set Standard package
Canare Others
FP-C25HD L-2.5CHD - BN1003B BN7129 - TCD-35CA 20 pcs / 100 pcs
FP-C3 L-3C2VS, L-3C2VS, V*-3C - BN1002B BN7003A CB24 TCD-35CA
FP-C31 L-3C2W - BN1002B BN7011 CB25 TCD-31C
FP-C3F L-3CFB, V*-3CFB - BN1003B BN7003A CB24 TCD-35CA
FP-C4 LV-61S 8241, 8279, RG-59B/U BN1003B BN7015A CB25 TCD-4CA
FP-C4F L-4CFB, V*-4CFB 1505A, 1505ANH, 8212, 8241F, 9167, 9259, 9659 BN1004B BN7015A CB25 TCD-4CA
FP-C5 L-5C2VS, L-5C2V, V*-5C - BN1004B BN7016 CB26 TCD-35CA
FP-C52 L-5C2W - BN1004B BN7014 - TCD-451CA
FP-C53A L-4.5CHD 1694A, 9066, 9116, 9118, 9248 BN1005B BN7046 CB26 TCD-35CA
FP-C55A - 1695A, 89120, 87120, 633948, 9116P BN1005B BN7045A - TCD-35CA
FP-C5F L-5CFB, V*-5CFB - BN1005B B75004A CB26 TCD-5CF
FP-C71A - 7731A, 9064, 9292, 1617A, 9011 BN1041A BN7021A - TCD-7CA
FP-C7FA L-7CFB - BN1030A BN7021A - TCD-7CA

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lock mechanism improves reliability by preventing shifting or detaching of the center pin.
  • The tools and cable stripper can be used for the Canare crimp BNC plugs as well, thus saving on extra equipment.
  • VSWR of 1.1 or less up to 2 GHz.
  • Designed for indoor use.
  • return loss FJ-FPC and FJ-JR thum

    Fig.1 Return loss for FJ - FPC and FJ - JR

Be sure to use Canare Crimp Tool.

Standoff Receptacle

Model Description Standard package
FJ-JR Jack to Jack 20 pcs / 100pcs
FJ-FPC PC Board Straight Mount

Key Features and Benefits

  • VSWR of 1.1 or less up to 2 GHz. <Fig. 1>
  • Accept insulation bushing IU-7/16.
Panel Mount Hole Dimensions PC Hole Dimensions




Flush-mount Receptacles

Model Description Flange Type Standard package
FJ-JRU Jack to Jack ITT XLR-F77 20 pcs
FJ-JRUD Jack to Jack Neutrik D
FJ-JRUDB Jack to Jack Neutrik D (Black)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Three types of flanges are available.

Technical Note

Voltage Standing - wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss

Terminating the receiving end of a limited length coaxial cable using a resistance value not equal to its characteristic impedance creates a reflected wave that returns back down the cable to the sending end. The result is interference developing between the travelling wave and the return wave which results in a standing wave that causes voltage levels to fluctuate. The degree to which terminating resistance matches the characteristic impedance is indicated using the VSWR or voltage standing-wave ratio standard shown in Fig. 1. Going hand in hand with the VSWR ratio is the return loss factor which measures the size of the reflected wave current in relation to the travelling wave current. (See Fig. 2)

Fig. 1 Voltage Distribution Over Coaxial Cable

VSWR Return Loss (dB)
2 9.54
1.5 13.98
1.2 20.83
1.1 26.44
1.05 32.26
1.02 40.09
1.01 46.06

Fig. 2 VSWR to Return Loss Conversion Table






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