Management philosophy

Management philosophy

“To always be a manufacturer of superior value and meet the challenges of any era.” The basic principle of our management team at Canare is to continuously expand
the reputation and value of our company and face head-on the challenges of the times.
Our chief aim is for customers to look to us as their best partner of choice,
worthy of their complete trust and support.
Canare also strives to remain a company that meets
the expectations of our customers, suppliers,
and our employees who embody our corporate mission and
form the foundation of our community.
Based on this philosophy, we are committed to the following.


Creating quality products and services requires not only the work of our employees, but the help of outside parties. This includes management resources such as technology, materials and funds. In order to turn these management resources into resources that will contribute to our customers, we begin our research and development with the future in mind. This is where we can show the creativity and ingenuity of our management and employees.


Quality products and services cannot contribute to customers' lives if they stay on the shelves. And if we can't sell them, we can't be a good partner to our collaborators either.In order to make a worthwhile contribution, we need to find customers and make them well aware of the features of our products and services.


Sometimes customers don't adopt our products for reasons that surprise us. Customers' real needs are contained within their reasons for rejecting our products, so those reasons can be great hints for new product ideas. We can increase the value of our products by taking this form of feedback into account.

Quality Philosophy

Quality Philosophy

Quality management is the cornerstone of management in the manufacturing industry. Even well-known companies can lose the trust of their customers if a product defect occurs or is improperly handled. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Canare will promote quality and environmental policies of "providing products and services that promptly and efficiently meet customer needs, while still fulfilling our social responsibility through continuous improvement.”

Canare will seek to provide trustworthy products and services that satisfy our customers.

We are not only committed to product quality management, but to quality of service as well.
We are committed to providing safe products and appropriate information in line with our customers' needs.

  • To Be Aware of Customers’ Needs and Instant Response

    To Be Aware of Customers’ Needs and Instant Response

    Canare will respond to customers’ needs promptly and carefully by conducting accurate market research and providing feedback.

  • To Improve Quality Management System

    To Improve Quality Management System

    Canare will increase the value of our products and services through continuous improvement of our quality management system.

  • To Prevent the Problem from Occurring

    To Prevent the Problem from Occurring

    Canare will apply our experience and knowledge to sort out the problem and prevent the problem from occurring.