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Coaxial Cable Stripper

Three internal circular steel blades perform precise, extremely clean and easy stripping.

Key Features and Benefits

  • For most Canare BNC, DIN, RCA and F crimp plugs.
  • Rotary knob to select 5 different cable setups.
  • Make your own cable setting within cable O.D. 4mm~11mm
  • Hex wrench is attached on the lid top for quick adjustment.
  • One replacement blade included, and also sold separately.
    Replacement blade: TSC (1pc)

The following types of cables may not be accurately processed by Canare’s TS100 Cable Stripper, owing to their construction.

Cables employing such hard jacket material as polyethylene.
Cables employing such particularly soft insulator material as highfoam polyethylene.
Cables employing steel wire and semirigid pipe for outer conductor.
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Coaxial Cable Stripper

Model Preset to Standard package
TS100E LV-77S·L-5CFB, V*-5CFB, V*-5C, LV-61S·L-4CFB, V*-3C 1
TS100U L-2.5CHD, 1855A, 1505A, 1694A 1

How to Use Canare Coaxial Cable Stripper TS100* For this demonstration.

5-step Procedure

1. Turn cam knob to the right cable selection.

2. Straighten cable and insert into handle grip.

3. Close lid, firmly grasp handle grip, and slowly rotate 7-10 times.

4. Push open lid, pull cable while.

5. Insulation and jacket will be easily peeled off.




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