• TRM-210
  • TRM-211-**
  • TRM-210 thum
  • TRM-211 thum

100BASE-TX Optical Converters

Media converters for Fast Ethernet 100BASE-TX**No backwards compatibility with other Ethernet standards such as 10BASE-T.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Auto MDI/MDX
  • Extends communications up to 30 km (condition: line loss 0.5 dB/km)
  • Bi-directional optical communication
Platform is required for power supply
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100BASE-TX Optical Converters

Model Wavelength Occupancy Remark
TRM-210 1310 nm 2 slots Work with TRM-211.
TRM-211 1550nm Work with TRM-210.
TRM-210A-47 1471nm for CWDM Work with TRM-210A-** of a different wavelength (*1)
TRM-210A-49 1491nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-51 1511nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-53 1531nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-55 1551nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-57 1571nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-59 1591nm for CWDM
TRM-210A-61 1611nm for CWDM
  • (*1) TRM-210A-** does not work with TRM-210 or TRM-211.
  • 100BASE-TX Optical Converters wiring

    Block Diagram of TRM-210 and TRM-211


Model TRM-210, TRM-211 TRM-210A-**
Fiber Type Single Mode
Optic I/O Connector 1 x SC 2 x LC
Ethernet I/O Connector 1 x RJ45
Dimensions 35.5 x 43.4 x 76.2 mm
Weight (approx.) 103 g 110 g
Standards IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX)




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