• EO-500-55
  • OE-501
  • EO-500-55 thum
  • OE-501 thum

AES 3id Optical Converters

Multiplex and optically convert AES signals from up to 8 ports (16 audio channels) to allow them to be transmitted over long distance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports 8 wavelengths CWDM; enables max. 64 ports (128 audio channels) signals to transmit over a single optical fiber.
  • AES-3id-1995 and SMPTE 276M
  • Fully asynchronous multiplex transmission.
  • Word clock can be transmitted (30kHz to 50kHz).
  • Dolby-E compatible
  • Tech Data

AES 3id Optical Converters

Model Type Wavelength Emission Sensitivity Occupancy
EO-500-47 For CWDM
1471 nm -3.0 dBm N / A 5 Slots
EO-500-49 1491 nm
EO-500-51 1511 nm
EO-500-53 1531 nm
EO-500-55 1551 nm
EO-500-57 1571 nm
EO-500-59 1591 nm
EO-500-61 1611 nm
OE-501 1200-1620 nm N / A -26 dBm
  • AES 3id Optical Converters wiring


Model EO-500-** OE-501
Convertibility Electric to Optic Optic to Electric
Fiber Type Single Mode
Optical Connector 1 x SC (output) 1 x SC (input)
AES I/O Connector 8 x 75 ohm BNC (input) 8 x 75 ohm BNC (output)
Dimensions 91 x 43.4 x 76.2 mm
Weight 174 g
Standards AES-3id-1995, SMPTE ST 276



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