• Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable
    Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable
  • Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable
  • color ch identification tube
    Color ch identification tube
  • Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable
    With dust cap
  • Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable thum
                    Flexibility thum
  • color ch identification tube thum
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Quad-Cat5e LED Display Cable

Flexible and lightweight cable. The superior design provides an efficient solution for large screens at live-venue events that require a large amount of cabling.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The field work load will be decreased when you use this multi-core cable.
  • Adopted Telegartnerʼs robust RJ45 connector for breakage prevention in the field.
  • Channel color coding on each unit for easy identification.
  • Dust cap does not only protect unused plugs from dirt and dust, but it is also wire-attached to prevent loss.
  • 30m→6kgs and 50m→11kgs, Flexible and Light weight. Easy for your installation work.
  • When hanging LED vision screens, it is less tangled than using many single cables. In addition, it is easy to put the cable through the hanging metal fittings.
  • You can use this as Cat5e network cable however the maximum transmission length will be 50m due to its stranded conductors construction.
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Quad-Cat5e LED Display CablePoEPoE+PoE++

Type Model Length(m)
RJ45 - RJ45UTP
4ETCS-**-T drawing
4ETCS-30-T 30
4ETCS-50-T 50



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